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Project archives

This page lists old personal projects in which I lost my interest. Most of them were toy projects and are now left unmaintained. School works, which I do not consider to be personal, as well as non-open code are omitted here.

Ninja local cloud (2015)

A simple local WebDAV-like server to be used with the Ninja HTML5 animation editor (now rewritten as Google Web Designer). Obsoleted by the HTML5 File API.

envcfg lib (2015)

A Go package mapping environment variables to structs and usable in conjunction with other configuration parsers.

io-slides-remote and What's the point? (2014)

Remotely controllable presentation web frameworks which enable a speaker to read their notes and control a slideshow on and from a tablet or a smartphone. The first implementation was a fork of the Google I/O 2013 presentation toolkit, and the second was rewritten from scratch, adding presentation generation from Markdown and use of Beamer PDFs.

Diffusion and Webcastor (2014)

A simple websocket broadcast server to be used with io-slides-remote and What's the point?. First implemented in Go, then in NodeJS.

vparse lib (2014)

A simple Go v{Calendar,Card}-like parser.

Foldaweb (2013)

A static website generator based on block override. Clumsy and hacky implementation which lack of blogging feature. I now prefer the more flexible Pelican and Hugo.

StaticWeb (2013)

A basic multi-domain static file web server using the Go http package. I now simply use nginx instead.

fcmd lib (2013)

A convenience Go package proxying the standard file manipulation libraries, exposing shell-like named functions.

Portal 2 poster: Experiment discontinued notice
Experiment discontinued notice, courtesy of Aperture Laboratories